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Personal Information:

Name: Sofie Micklisch

Personal e-mail:

Phone number: (239)297-4378

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          Over my years of work and college I have gained insight into many different aspects of management. The links to the left are just some of the papers and discussions I was able to be a part of and share my insight with. The courses I have taken have allowed me to think critically about many different subjects and aspects and management. My time spent in my classes have helped me gain insight to real world problems, and I have learned to use what is in the text books and apply it to problems today. I hope to apply the skills that I have learned in my classes and solve future problems and come up with even greater solutions in every aspect of my work. 

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Objective:                  TO BE A DEDICATED Manager

Education:                 BISHOP VEROT CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL, Fort Myers, FL                      2006 - 2010

                                    Received: High School Diploma

                                   EDISON STATE COLLEGE, Fort Myers, FL                                                    2010 - 2014

                                   Program: Received AA Degree

                                   Major: General AA

                                   FLORIDA SOURTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE, Fort Myers, FL                     2014-2015

                                   Program: BA SUPERVISION AND MANAGEMENT

                                   Major: Business

Qualifications and Skills, and Experience:

          Over the past several years I have been fortunate enough to volunteer at a hospital, work for Pita Pit, and work for Barnes and Noble. I've gained many different skill sets, the most important of which is customer service. Working and volunteering in different places has allowed me to see and meet the needs of various different age groups. It has allowed me to interact with numerous different people and deal with numerous situations. I am an experienced bookseller, cashier, and I am great with customer service. My education has taught me the different aspects and management and leadership. I hope to become a qualified and deticated manager. 

Work Experience:

Pita Pit in Gulf Coast Town Center, Fort Myers, FL                  Janurary 2013 - Summer 2014 

 - Experience handling food, taking deliveries, closing the store, opening the store, cashiering experience, multi-tasking experience, helping with catering, and keeping the store clean. 

Barnes and Noble, Fort Myers, FL                                             Summer 2014- Present

-Experience selling books, selling Nook devices and other products, cashiering experience, customer service experience, experience with shelving, zone maintenencing, doing inventory, closing the store, opening the store, and keeping the store clean. 


Volunteer Experience:

Cape Coral Hospital, Cape Coral, FL                                          2011-2013

- I volutneered at Heart Central on the third floor of the hospital. I gained experience when talking to the patients, fixing their leads, changing batteries, delivering paperwork, and communicating with the staff on the floor. 



- I love to read, write, draw, and I also do a little bit of computer gaming. Growing up I also took riding lessons, played the clarinet, piano, and guitar, and I took ballet. I am also proficient at sewing, and I love to sew new cage liners, toys, and hammocks for my pet rats.  


Other Qualifications:

- I am originally from Germany, and I can speak, read and write in the German language. I can translate the languages both ways. My current work environment has allowed me to practice my use of the German language, and I going back to visit every year or every other year has allowed the language to current and updated in my vocabulary. 

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